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Should you buy a used Peloton bike or Tread?

As Peloton raises the price of its well-known home workout equipment the number of searches and salesfor second hand Pelotons are increasing. However, are there any dangers when buying secondhand? In order to help you decide whether or not a purchase is worth the effort and what you should to know prior to purchasing an old Peloton treadmill or bike.

Peloton has also released an updated game for both the Bike as well as Bike+.

If you want to purchase a used Peloton Tread or bike?

In February, at the start of the month, Peloton increased the price of its Peloton Bike from $1,495 up to $1,745, as well as the price of its Peloton Tread was increased from $2,495 up to $2,845. The price of Peloton’s Bikeand Tread remains unchanged at $2,495. The company blamed rising costs of inflation and increased costs of the supply chain to explain the increase in cost and it’s certainly been a rough beginning for the fitness company at home after the passing of the founder Mr. Big, the halt in production and the decision of the chief executive to step off in the wake of cuts to the workforce.

With that said buying a used Peloton could make you save quite many dollars, in the event that you get a good bargain. The good thing is there’s lots of sales available because many people sell their lockdown purchase. Peloton Bikes used for sale appear to be more accessible in comparison to the Peloton Tread, although this may be due to the massive recall that occurred last year.

There are a few points to be considered prior to purchase However, the main one is the warranty. Peloton affirms via its site that the warranty cannot be transferred and, therefore, even if you purchase a newer treadmill or bike and you’re not covered should it fail.

What should you spend for an used Peloton?

This is contingent on the condition and age of the product, however in any case it should cost much less than when purchasing the item new. It is a good idea to request the purchaser’s confirmation of purchase as well as an estimate of the number of races or rides they’ve completed to get a clearer picture how much wear that the product has seen.

In the case of Peloton gen bikes There are three versions of Peloton screen displays and you’d expect to lower the price for the earlier version. The screens of the newer generation are slimmer and have a more powerful process, more RAM and have better speakers. The first generation screen will include a model number that will end with “xxxx-QUARTZ” as well as “001;” the second generation screens will bear “RB1V1,” and third-generation bikes will bear “RB1VQ.”

Keep in mind that, unless you’re planning to do the vehicle yourself, you’ll have to calculate costs for shipping Peloton to you, on top of the price, therefore it’s recommended to investigate this prior to signing the deal.

Where can you buy an used Peloton?

Peloton actually gives some suggestions for how to purchase an item that is used via its web site (before notifying the buyer that they are shopping on your own responsibility and, of course). Local online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Letgo are great places to begin, particularly since buyers tend to be in your area which means you’ll be able to physically visit and look at the Peloton before purchasing and purchase it for less money when you get it back to your home.

There’s also other marketplaces on the internet such as eBay or Gumtree However, you’re more likely to see results from a national perspective. There’s a greater risk when you purchase something you don’t know about prior to purchase.

Another option is to inquire among friends and family members to find out if someone they knows is selling their bicycle or Tread.

Questions that buyers should ask before he or she agrees to the sale

You think you’ve found the best deal but is it really too expensive to be real? Here’s the questions you should inquire about the seller prior to buying.

Are you including subscription credits?

Although the warranty isn’t changed, Peloton does allow subscription credits to be swapped between customers. Used or new you’ll have to pay $40 per month to take the classes with your new treadmill or bike. So when your customer is willing to transfer their subscription to yours, it could help you negotiate a better deal.

To switch subscription credits, your seller will need to email Peloton support (, with both parties’ Peloton profile names or email addresses.

Are there any problems with the motorcycle, and what is the reason you are selling it?

When purchasing any gym equipment used, keep in mind that pictures can be deceiving. It’s recommended to take a test ride yourselfto feel the product, hear it, or observe whether there’s any issue in the way it’s functioning However, when this isn’t feasible you can ask questions. It’s recommended to request a photograph or video showing the monitor being turned on, so that you can make certain that everything is working in good in good order. If there’s a Bike+, request videos of the screen spinning. If all of this sounds too appealing to be real, it most likely is.

Are you the original owner?

It’s best to inquire about the date that the item was bought, as well as for the proof to give you an idea of how old the product could be. Don’t be afraid of asking the seller for additional information regarding how long they’ve utilized this Bike or Tread, in relation in the use and wear on the item. Personally, I’d prefer to purchase the bike that’s been employed as a clothing horse rather than one that’s been repeatedly beaten in lockdown.

Are there any additional accessories?

It’s no surprise that Peloton accessories can be expensive. If the seller is throwing into Peloton dumbbells or a fitness mat, or perhaps some cycling shoes, it can make the sale more tempting.