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Why Buy Handmade Rugs?

Hand-knotted rugs are an exquisite item of furniture which will create a unique home. In a modern home, a carpet that is hand-knotted gives a unique look to your home adds style and adds an aesthetic harmony. However, the benefits from hand-knotted (or even hand-tufted) carpets do not stop there.

1. Rugs with a luxurious design add character to your home’s decor

Together with furniture, fabrics and other furniture Rugs can be used to decorate the room with a distinctive look that reflect the tastes and styles of the residents of the home. With rugs, a home can be transformed into a sanctuary that brings to mind the ocean, the mountains, or exotic locations.

2. Our range of luxury handmade rugs London allows you to give each room distinctive appearance.

Each room will have an individual character. For bedrooms you should pick warm and natural rugs that are in soft colors, while in the living room, you could opt for stylish or striking styles. Consider carefully the specifics of each area within your home can assist you in choosing the best carpet design.

3. Rugs provide a warm and warm atmosphere inside the house

If it’s a place that is only used by a tiny group of friends and family or an area where receptions and parties are typically held, hand-made high-end rugs provide the space with an inviting and cozy feel. The materials and colors are able to control the temperature in the room and make the room feel cozy and warm or, contrary to that they can be more sophisticated and cold.

4. Rugs made by hand warm the space and help improve insulation

In terms of temperatures, hand-made rugs can affect how well you can insulate your house. Particularly when you select wool rugs, you’ll be able to benefit from the insulating qualities of this fabric and feel the warmth feeling during the winter months and help keep heat out even on the hottest days.

5. Rugs increase the sound insulation

Rugs’ softness also can help to reduce the sound. If you are living in a multi-storey residence or in an apartment complex having a large rug in the most busy areas can help keep the area quiet, or at the very least lessen the noise from the footsteps of pets, children or pets. This is particularly likely to happen if the carpet has large, full-bodied pile.

6. Design, pattern, and size of hand-made rugs can be made to order.

The option of furnishing your city home with rugs that are handmade can help you find the ideal pattern for each space. If you are looking for a carpet that is a certain size or style, you could choose to make rugs that are custom-made. In this scenario you will be able to define the attributes you wish to have in the rug, from the material and size to the color and design.

7. Decorate your home with hand-made carpets enhances and safeguards your flooring

Alongside serving the essential aesthetics rug also serves an important function in practical terms. If a house is outfitted with rugs, floors are secured from the effects of wear, and improved by the style of the pattern you choose. The combination of flooring and rugs will allow you to discover the ideal combination of materials, colours and styles to make an overall look that is visually pleasing and harmonious.

8. Handmade rugs require little maintenance

The premium quality of handcrafted luxurious rugs implies that you do not need to give them any extra attention to keep them looking great for long periods of time. Regular maintenance is all that is required to ensure the beauty and durability of the style. In particular, regular vacuuming the carpet is enough. Then, a more thorough cleaning is performed by experts and completed at least once per year or once every two.

9. Rugs that are luxurious are made of non-toxic and hypoallergenic substances

Hand-knotted or tufted only the finest materials are used for hand-knotted or tufted luxurious rug. Utilizing natural fibres like wool, silk, and cotton helps reduce the risk of allergies and offers optimal comfort for all members of the family.

10. Rugs made by hand are strong and will increase in value with time.

With the help of high-end rug, your home can be turned into a mini design museum. Rugs of all kinds, including contemporary rugs made by famous designers have an intrinsic artistic value that makes them equivalent to works of art. They can be appreciated and used on a regular basis.