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What’s included with private student accommodation at Leicester?

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Finding the perfect home

We’ll assist you in deciding whether you want to stay in a hall, rental or staying at your home

Going to university could be the first time you step away from home and get the first time you experience independence. The decision of where you will reside at university can be among the most thrilling aspects of the process.

It can be difficult to choose where you’d like to reside. Do you want to live in student rooms, private accommodations or just stay at your home?

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This guide will help you make the next step toward beginning your journey to university. Learn what your choices are, and what the advantages and disadvantages of selecting student halls, private rental or staying at your home.

Halls for students

The majority of universities have halls for students in the first year that are located on campus or close to the campus. These are usually separate apartments with six to eight student rooms per flat, which means you’ll be able to interact with other students and form bonds as soon as you arrive.

Student halls are the ideal alternative to be in the heart of university life. Since they’re located near the university and you’ll be able to get there in no time getting to your lectures in the morning on time.

If you’re planning the first time at university You’ll likely find student halls to be the most convenient accommodation available.

What’s included?

The student halls’ flats typically include internet and bills included, which makes calculating the rent easy. They’re also fully equipped with a desk, bed , and storage, so you can get right in. You are able to bring your own television, video games, or posters to add.

Halls are run by the university. They typically have security personnel and support for residential at any moment you require it.

Spaces shared

There will be a shared kitchen with fellow students if you opt for self-catered student residences or access to the canteen in case you want catering halls. The majority of student halls have bathrooms with en suites, however there are some that have shared bathrooms, therefore look out for this when you are researching the best place to live.

Private renting

If you’d like to live with your friends in an apartment shared with others or prefer to live on your own then you may choose to lease a private apartment that isn’t controlled by the university. Private renting offers you the option of choosing the place you reside and who you share your space with, however you’ll also be more accountable.

What’s included?

Private housing means that you’ll have to handle your bills and rent through your landlord and not with the university. Some landlords don’t include charges and internet in their rent, so be sure you keep an eye out for this when searching for a new place to reside.


It is also important to consider the distance you’d like to travel to university and what type of public transportation is readily available. The student halls are usually located near the campus, however private accommodations are usually farther away.
Socializing with friends

A lot of students live privately during their third and second years at university, which means they reside in a shared home with the people they met in their the first year. However, this can also be an option in your first year, especially when you already have friends at your university.

Living in a shared home

If you don’t have any friends to share your space with, but do not wish to live in student halls, there are rooms in private houses that are available from the beginning in the new year. A few of the rooms will be located in student housing which means you’ll be able to meet other students from different years of studies.


There are also private rooms in the homes of residents in cities. It’s called lodging and you’ll be called a lodger. You’ll be living with the landlord and , sometimes, their family. It is likely that you will be the sole student in the home, but certain landlords have more than one room that they lease out.

A room that you can rent in the home of a friend can be an excellent way to meet the residents of the city and their acquaintances, which will aid in expanding your circle of friends beyond university.

Home-based living

If you don’t want to relocate for university You can continue to stay at your home. You won’t have to share a room with other students, however you’ll still be able to participate in university life.

Staying at home during university can be a fantastic option to save money on food as well as rent and other expenses particularly if you don’t need to pay rent at home. However, you may have less freedom when you are in a different location and less chances to build your independence.