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Why Choose a Solar PV System

There are many benefits to invest in solar photovoltaic electricity that range from reducing the carbon footprint of your home and the annual cost of electricity, to reducing the effects of the ever-growing cost of energy and creating tax-free income for the twenty years to come. Furthermore, solar PV Essex panels and systems are easy to set up with a guarantee that they will last and require little maintenance.

Find out more about the major advantages of solar PV as well as the reasons it is an ideal renewable energy option.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Solar photovoltaic systems are eco sustainable, using sunlight to generate zero carbon energy. Additionally solar PV systems don’t emit negative CO2 (CO2) as well as other pollutant and the majority of solar PV panels are constructed from silicon, which is derived from sand. It is among the planet’s abundant natural resources.

Based on your location and your system, it’s likely that you can produce at least 50% of your electrical demands from renewable energy that could reduce between 700kg and 1 ton of CO2 annually (typical 2kWp systems).

Lower Your Energy Bills

The power generated by your PV system is free to utilize. The typical PV unit generates about 50percent of energy that a household consumes during the year, which means your energy bills will be significantly diminished.

The electricity you consume is free in the event that your system generates power. You’ll have to pay for electricity you use during times when the panels aren’t producing electricity, like during the evening and during the night. If you’d like to be carbon neutral or aren’t connected to the grid, you are able to store extra energy in batteries to use whenever you require it.

Inflation-Linked Tax Free Inflation-Linked Income for 20 years

With the help of the government-backed feed-in tariff, when you make a decision to invest in solar PV, you’ll earn a tax-free, inflation-linked income for the coming 20 years. This incentive, which is designed to motivate people to make investments in renewable energy sources, offers a set amount for each kWh of energy the system generates regardless of whether or not you are the one using the power or not.

In addition you also have the right to an additional fee for each kWh that you do not consume and then feed back to the grid. Click here to find more details on the feed-in rate.

An average system yields an ROI about 10%. It takes approximately 10 years to repay the initial cost. After that, each penny that you make from the feed-in tariff is a pure profits. Furthermore If inflation increases and electricity prices increases , your investment return will increase even more.

Reduce Your Dependence on Electricity Providers

It’s not a secret that the cost of energy has gone up dramatically in recent times and, with the decreasing availability of fossil fuels from natural sources and the growing demand across the globe This trend is likely to continue. Installing solar PV panels will decrease your dependence on grid-supplied electricity and the big commercial energy firms, as well as decreasing the impact of the rising energy costs in the future.

Lang System Life, and Low Maintenance

Solar PV is an established and tried-and-true technology that was utilized on satellites for over 50 years long ago. Since the 1990’s with advances technological advancements and reduced costs it has experienced huge growth.

With a track record of success solar PV systems are very reliable and require only minimal maintenance because they don’t have moving components. A majority of solar panels are backed by the makers with a warranty on the cell that lasts between 20 and 25 years. This combined with the lengthy expected lifespan of the whole solar panel system implies that your system is likely to provide you with energy at no cost for at least 25 years.

If you’d like to learn more about the ways solar PV can work to benefit you, give us a phone call.